• Historical Background

    Historical Background

    The International Northeast Biotechnology Corridor was created in 1998 through a resolution passed at the New England Governors’ and Eastern Canadian Premiers’ Conference [Resolution 23-6 Resolution of an International Northeast Biotechnnology Corridor (PDF-408K)] to support biotechnology development in the region.

    The International Northeast Biotechnology Corridor (INBC) is a non-profit entity that was incorporated in the State of Maine [1999 – Articles of Incorporation (PDF – 948K)] in 1999 and has a principal place of business in Fairfield, Maine . The purpose of the corporation is to promote biotechnological development for the benefit of the members of the international Northeast Biotechnology Corridor, to create a favorable business atmosphere for existing biotechnotogical enterprises and industries, and to carry out these goals within the scope of its legal corporate powers. The Corporation will work in coordination with Corridor members, and other entities to achieve these goals.

    The Corridor is expected to be a collection of eleven Provinces and States. It was defined as the region reaching from Rhode Island in the United States to Newfoundland in Canada, bounded by the Province of Quebec as the western boundary of the Eastern Provinces and with Connecticut being the western boundary of the New England region. In 1999, the resolution for the corridor was reaffirmed by the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers.

  • Tips For Learning Biology Online


    Biology is the study of life, and many people find it to be one of the most fascinating fields of science. Unfortunately, biology education in public schools is not always as good as it should be. Many people want to learn more about biology but were frustrated by their attempts to do so when they were young.

    Fortunately, the Internet has made it much easier to learn about biology, or any other subject. There are so many resources available to the curious individual that learning biology online is a snap. You may find yourself feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all of the information that is out there!

    A good place to start looking for information about biology is at the website of a good college or university. Virtually ever institute of higher education will have a biology department with a webpage. These pages usually have links to other resources that are useful for students, or for anyone who is curious to learn more about this subject.

    More and more universities are also offering online courses that can be taken for credit. Just hop on a search engine and do a quick search for a set of classes from MIT or another prestigious university. These universities have utilized extensive search engine optimization work to display their webpage in front of those searching for these online classes.

    However, if you are not interested in enrolling, you can still make use of the course materials. For example, you can watch videos of recorded lectures and do the assigned reading. If you want, you can even complete the assignments.

    If you need more help finding information about biology, another good place to go is your local public library. The reference librarians can give you all of the guidance that you need to find out more about any aspect of this subject. They can help you find books, videos, or websites that will tell you what you want to know.

    Learning biology online is surprisingly easy once you know where to look. Keep these tips in mind so that you can learn all you need about this fascinating field of study.



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  • Vision & Goals


    The vision for the International Biotechnology Corridor is the creation of a regional identity that will promote effective cooperation and coordination of biotechnology activities by commercial, academic, nonprofit, and governmental representatives across state and provincial boundaries, so that the region is recognized as a biotechnology cluster of substance and excellence world-wide.

    The creation of the Corridor was based on four points of collaboration:

    1. Hyper-linking biotechnology regional sites with information on biotechnology companies, universities, and R&D activities.
    2. Joint scientific conferences on biotechnology.
    3. Intra-corridor trade/cultural missions.
    4. Marketing the corridor internationally.


    The International Northeast Biotechnology Corridor is global in essence and will improve biotechnology viability for all members of the corridor in the world market place. The following three basic goals will accomplish the mission for the Corridor:

    1. Enhance awareness of and promote biotechnology within the Corridor.
    2. Promote the Corridor and its assets world wide.
    3. Foster alliances within the Corridor to grow biotechnological opportunities.